basic tools

The basic tool you need to start modeling, and visualising your project is  Rhino 5. Flamingo nXt, Penguin 2, Bongo, Brazil and for special projects the free Grasshopper plugin are plugins which will add tremendous possibilities to the already very complete Rhino 5.

plugins 4 rhino

There is a wide range of plugins for Rhino 5 available. The plugins simplify certain tasks and offer you workflows to achieve your goal fast and easy. We are either selling the software or providing you with useful information where to find the software or leading you to external consultancy.

3d fab w/ rhino

Means of fabrication are CNC milling or machining, 3d printing and laser cutting. Once a model is ready in Rhino, milling, printing or cutting is a straight forward task. Everything is done from within Rhino 5. The plugins which prepare the model for fabrication make life quite a bit easier.

reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of turning an real world object into a digital file. This is mostly done by means of 3d scanning. In order to create a digital model, the generated point cloud or mesh file has to be processed in order to be able to mill, print or cut.

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