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RhinoGold makes it possible for jewelry designers and manufacturers to design, modify and make jewellery precisely and quickly via an intuitive interface that both simplifies and cuts down learning time. RhinoGold software is designed by jewelers for jewelers. The software includes a multitude of advanced tools which are ideal for students, artists and experienced trade jewellers alike. The smooth integration with Rhino 5 creates a wonderful world of endless modeling and fabrication opportunities. Together with RhinoGold Elements where you can find thousands of pre-made, editable designs you have a head start, and wind in the back.

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RhinoGold Cloud

On RhinoGold Cloud, publish a new creation and start defining components, assigning materials and, of course, expressing your emotion. Share the link with your customers. Make them interact from any web browser. This is of course ideal for design decisions, and also for customer approval. No web designer skills are required. Create a wonderful e-Store and eCatalog from scratch. You can customize RhinoGold Cloud easily.

Choose within 3 different themes or customize your own theme. Add your logo, colors, fonts, all in just a few clicks. Integrating RhinoGold Cloud within your website is easy.

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It is like modeling by hand: that’s the concept of Clayoo®. Modeling from any geometry: surfaces, solids, meshes or from a sketch. Clayoo is about the ease of pulling, pushing and moving until your model fits your idea. Clayoo feeds the imagination.
Clayoo can also help you in reverse engineering using advanced tools as Retopology, which allows you to create surfaces over digitized objects easily, and convert the object to Nurbs surfaces.
The Clayoo geometry is the perfect start for fabrication of prototypes and molds. Just export the STL file, it automatically generates closed meshes.

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RhinoNest is the nesting plugin for Rhino 5 used for optimizing distribution and orientation of objects or parts to save material, just before fabrication. RhinoNest is fully integrated within Rhinoceros, allowing for optimization in minutes without the need to use imports or different software. There is no need for conversions since RhinoNest supports every geometry type.
Advanced Identification displays the objects in accordance to applied criteria. Identification through tagging, texting or simple tracing text.
RhinoNest also has panel-management tools, enabling panel stock to be managed by external purchasing departments.

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madCAM – mold and die CAM system

madCAM provides the ability to generate 3, 4 and 5-axis tool paths in Rhinoceros in order to prepare a model for milling or machining. The integration of Rhino and madCAM makes a superbly CAM system, not limited to native Rhino files. Because Rhino is extremely capable of importing files in other 3D formats, a wide range of formats by other software can be used to create tool paths. madCAM has and is being used & developed within productive milling workshops, owned by Joakim Möller, CEO and founder of madCAM AB, ensuring immediate and practical feed back. This close-nit R&D makes madCAM the Rhino plugin with an unparalleled level of control and machining quality. The plugin is truly magnificent.

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Mesh2Surface streamlines and optimizes converting scanned data into a perfect NURBS model. The tools available are:  Fit basic primitives; Revolved and extruded surfaces; Advanced editing of profile for revolved and extruded surfaces; Segment meshes based on fillet areas; Measure the fillet radius; Constraint extracted shapes; Find the symmetry of the object; Align an object to the world coordinate system; Build best fit free form surface from part of the mesh; Create curve based free form surface; Deviation Analyzer. Mesh2Surface does it all.

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RhinoResurf for Rhino, a reverse engineering tool that gives Rhino the ability to reconstruct NURBS surface(s) from mesh or point cloud with specified precision. RhinoResurf also provide features for free-form surface modeling from polygon lines or meshes.

RhinoResurf is designed in a way that the plugin is very user friendly, and easy to understand. Once loaded manually on first use, it will automatically load itself into the Rhino environment later. The new commands will be added to Rhino’s existing commands, and a new submenu called RhinoResurf will be created.

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VisualARQ 2

VisualARQ 2 is a precise, intuitive and free-form architectural software for Rhinoceros. It adds architectural features and parametric architectural objects that are suitable for both 3D modeling and 2D prints. Generate floor plans, sections, elevations, areas and all project documentation in a few clicks. All 2D drawings are attached to the 3D model and update automatically at any change.

VisualARQ 2 gives you parametrically designed architectural objects. Create and edit your own smart objects like walls, beams, stairs, doors, windows, sinks & toilets. Anything you need to use more often. Import libraries through IFC. Anything goes.

VisualARQ 2 is an excellent choice for your initial design process. Flexible  BIM and IFC (import/export) is included.

Read and watch the video’s under RhinoBIM. Some very interesting history is available when you click the picture on the left of RhinoBIM, honoring Rick Smith, who very early on, saw the need and necessity of BIM in 3D design.

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RhinoBIM was a Rhino plugin that provided tools for structural design and analysis to enhance Rhino for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industries. The plugin is no longer available. Many of the RhinoBIM features are now available in VisualARQ:

  • Flexible BIM
  • Library of steel profiles (EURO and AISC) to generate parametric beams and columns.
  • Tool to generate beams from curves (video)
  • Components in Grasshopper to generate structural elements. (video)
  • IFC Import and Export
  • Quantity take-offs (video)

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RhinoTerrain™ is a powerful tool used to easily create digital terrain models. It is based on a robust and reliable constrained triangulation algorithm, able to handle huge data volumes. Fully integrated into Rhinoceros, RhinoTerrain ™ uses all the geometric and graphical computing capabilities of this free-form modeler.
The plugin is suitable to anyone who may have an interest for realistic 3D visualization of Digital Elevation Models (DEM) or engineering works, ie: architects, surveyors, planners, local authorities, designers, model makers. With RhinoTerrain™, import, edit and manipulate highly accurate 3D data for unparalled realism.

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RhinoCity™ is a plugin for Rhinoceros dedicated to realistic modelling of land and cities in 3D. It is an innovative solution to easily create 3D textured models from data such as roof vectors, aerial imagery, point clouds or cadastral files. Thanks to RhinoCity™, produce, edit, analyze, and display data your 3D with very high quality. The plugin integrates geo-modeler RhinoTerrain™ to form a complete solution of high technology, offering the opportunity to apply to your data multiple 3D complex treatments without changing application. RhinoCity™ is based on a Boolean calculation engine robust and ultra fast, capable of processing large dataset. The plugin ensures accurate results in record time.

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Food 4 Rhino

Food 4 Rhino is the cosy market square of the ecosystem. You’ll find the plugins – free and paid for – you didn’t know you were looking for, like a real market. The plugins are both for Rhino and Grasshopper. It’s also the place where you find useful links to users forum, or to McNeel support. Just walk around the square, grab a plugin, try some tastes and see if anything suites your needs. Click the button right to visit the market square.


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